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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Okay, are you as tired of hearing about Rosie O'Donnell as I am? As far as that is concerned, I am tired of hearing about the opinions of all celebrities. I'm not sure why we care so much about what they think or feel. Yeah, they make lots of money but it's definitely not for any valid reason. Don't get me wrong, I love movies and sports just like the next person. But when Rosie can lose a job one week because of her controversial nature and be considered for a $20 million paycheck the next, something is seriously wrong. But...I digress. Why should I care?

Why is her opinion or the opinion of any other on the laundry list of names any more important than my neighbors or the person who cuts my hair or the funny old man that wonders down the street in front of my office from time-to-time? These people have proven time and again that they have no greater understanding of life than any of the rest of us. They've also proven that their integrity is about three notches lower than most (e.g. Alec Baldwin's promise to move to Canada if President Bush got elected).

The way I see it, there's really only one opinon that matters. Only one view of life and living has ever made sense, stayed true or proved itself correct. It comes from God's Word--the Bible. Many time I think about what a more civilized place this world would be if we all became students of the words found in that book. How would politics change and cultures be rearranged if we simply followed its teaching!! But it has to begin with those who say they love the book--Christ followers. Unfortunately, I'm finding more and more "believers" who don't have a clue what they believe or what God has to say about their lives. They struggle. They waiver. They falter in their faith. All because of a lack of trying. Instead, they find themselves camped out in front of some TV listening to Rosie's views on life and Baldwin's opinion on government and politics. All the while, God's answers wait to be found. Sounds so simple and, yet, it just never gets done. Maybe it's time we cared less about public opinion and tried our very best to live lives that were directed by God and God alone. If I become what God desires for me and you do the same--Rosie's opinions don't matter much any more. Thank God for that!!

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