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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind... Exodus 14:21 NIV

Okay, picture the scene. Moses is leading his people across the desert to a land that he has never seen solely on the promise that God would deliver him and the million plus whiners following him. They find themselves trapped between the largest, fiercest army of their age and the giant Red Sea--no boats, no tunnels, no grand bridges. What do you do? Me, I think I might want to join the whiners. Maybe in a stronger moment I could form a committee to file a strong complaint to the Lord about how life "just isn't fair." Hopefully, I would eventually come to my senses and turn to the One who made the promise. I mean, after all, He's the one with the big plan and precious promises, right?

So, Moses, being the friend of God that he is, turns his problem over to the Lord and then...waits. Now, somewhere in the darkness of that night, Moses might have had a doubt or two. No more than that because he has seen God work first hand but maybe one or two. As he tossed and turned that restless night, who knows what thoughts went through his head? But then came the morning. The sun breaks the horizon in the east and Moses looks over at the imposing Red Sea. Only it's not so imposing any more. While Moses and the Israelites rested, God was making a way where there seemed to be no possible solution. It's no wonder the Israelites danced and sang when they got to the other side. Their trust in an unseen God had been rewarded and, once again, He had been found faithful.

So, what's your problem this day? What imposing problems have you in "whiner" mode, ready to call off the journey of a life time? Have you lost sleep, lost patience or lost hope because the "enemy" has you pinned against insurmountable odds? Rest in His strength. Trust in His greatness. Know that whatever your problem, it is neither too great nor too small. Simply lift it to God and know that He works on your behalf. One other reminder...Moses had to do his part. He didn't just say, "God, take care of this" and then walk way. It says that Moses lifted his hand. A show of faith? A required act of obedience on his part? I'm not sure. I just know that when you trust God to move, He trusts you to move as well. An act of obedience that releases the power of God on our behalf.

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Anonymous said...


I so enjoy reading your blogs and listening to the podcasts of your sermons. Your words are not complex or "showy", but simple truths brought to us in such a way that we are encouraged, lifted up, chastised and made to THINK about our relationship and walk with God. Thank you for listening to His promptings and may His words, through you, continue to reach and bless more people than you know.

Michelle Smith