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Friday, August 17, 2007

I wish I had super, amazing, unwavering faith. I don't. I have really good faith. And really good faith is okay. But I wish I could be like some of the incredible guys I read about throughout history who seemed to never have one doubt about their lives in relationship to God. It makes me think of breakfast...

You see, growing up, my morning ritual was always the same. My dad would come into my room, pull back the covers on my bed (which were usually wrapped around my head), and begin to sing "morning songs" to me as he gently scratched my back. Talk about a great start to your morning. Only problem was, it made me want to stay in bed longer. It was just TOO good. But I would get up every single morning because of the faith I had in my mom. You see, it didn't make any difference what day of the week it was or what time of the year, I knew my mom was going to have breakfast. (being a rapidly growing boy, these matters are of critical concern). In fact, on some mornings, I would smell whatever it was as soon as dad opened the door.

The meals weren't necessarily extravagant--some mornings it was just a bowl of Frosted Flakes or Alpha-bits (okay, if you remember what Alpha-bits are, don't tell anyone. I was told it was a sign of your age last week). But some mornings it was hot oatmeal or home-made cheese toast and scrambled eggs. It wasn't the size or the scope of the meal, it was just the fact that it was always there. Even on days when mom didn't feel her best, it got done.

I think that's the approach of some of these heroes of the faith I'm talking about. It seems they had such an intimate relationship with God, His voice was as regular as my breakfast. They didn't offer up prayers hoping that God would hear. They didn't pray "if it's your will". No, they prayed believing that God was in the kitchen; they knew their meal was as good as done. They faced every dilemma knowing that God had gone before them and nothing they faced was a surprise to Him. Why can't I be like that? I look back at my life and guess what I see? The same steadfast presence those guys knew all about. There's never been a moment where God wasn't there. Never. My quiet time reminded me about that fact this morning. Jesus was talking to his disciples in the book of Mark and He says, "Why worry? Worrying doesn't add one second to your life so why do it?" Good question. His answer points to the fact that God provides food for the birds, clothes for the flowers and He's going to do the same for you and me. Just know that He is there and He is up to something in the kitchen. And, when the time comes, your meal will be ready.

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Tiffany said...

what an amazing post! that is what we've been learning here at fpo this week too. alot of other stuff as well but really LIVING IN THE SPIRIT, knowig that God is there with you and that your "plan" is right there and He knows all about it.