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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Like many of you, my family has gotten interested in a couple of those survivor type shows that come on TV. I think it started with "Man v. Wild." It was fascinating watching Bear Grylls as he ran from glacier to desert, jungle to deserted island. Honestly though, I had little concern for Bear and the situations he faced. No...I was more worried about the poor camera guy who was facing all the same challenges with a camera saddled on his shoulder.

Next came the two guys who face challenges on "Dual Survival." Same challenges only with the added dimension of two very different personalities facing them side-by-side. I couldn't decide on that show if I was more fascinated by the challenges or the fights between the two guys with their differing survival philosophies.

Our new favorite is "Man, Woman, Wild"--partially because of the added twist of a husband/wife team, partially because the title reminded me of life with our kids at the Barron household. Just kidding.

I got to thinking about the different scenarios on the shows. Stranded on an island. Lost in the Amazon. Facing the wilderness of Russia. There are some really cool tips and tricks that you learn through these shows. Realistically, though, how many of us are going to become stranded on a desert island with a hunting knife, waterproof clothes and a backpack. Not likely.

What I'd really like to see is a real-world survivor show. Maybe a title like "Man, Woman, Wild Suburbia." Rather than looking for food in the desert it would teach you how to shop at Publix with two preschoolers in the cart and the cell phone ringing constantly. Instead of rationing your water, the hosts could teach you how to ration the paycheck that runs out too soon.

Seriously, what most of us need is not a rescue from a Latin American jungle. What we need is a rescue from real life America. We need help on how to save our marriage, raise our kids, survive a dead end relationship or make it through a downsizing at our company.

The rescue manual is here...found in God's word. It is truly a place for answers to the stuff of real life. If you don't know that--don't believe that--it's because you haven't looked closely enough at what it contains. It is the stuff of real life. Although it was completed 2000 years ago, it's never been more relevant than now. It's script is fascinating. It's content riveting. It's wisdom is ageless. And it's Author is unparalleled. No one could touch it. Sink your teeth and your time into God's Word to find the answers that will radically change who you are. You'll be amazed!!

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