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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hope you (both of my readers) are having a great holiday season. The new year is always such a cool time because of the renewal of hope it brings for most people. It's as if we feel like we have a new slate to write life on. Hope your new year inspires you to great things and brings you many steps closer to your dreams.

I read an interesting story yesterday. I was reading the Atlanta paper on the internet as I do every morning (how else can a Georgia boy in TN keep up with his favorite teams?) Anyway, the story shared that the man who won the Michigan lottery in April, 2005 died this week from a heart attack at age 43. Left his wife with $125 million husband. Think she'd trade every bit of it to have him back? I'd like to think so but, in our society, you never know. However, the story reminded me of a refrigerator magnet I've seen many times. It reads, "Just when I get it all together, I forget where I put it."

Put yourself in that man's shoes a year ago. He's worked all his life trying to get it all, to accomplish that dream of having everything he wants. Who knows how many lottery tickets he had bought over the course of his life while waiting for his ship to come in? Think about all those feelings he had this past 20 months--paying taxes, finding new family and friends he never knew he had, getting some cool things he'd always wanted and, surely, buying many things he never really needed in the first place. Now, put yourself in his place the first 5 minutes after he's gone. Can you imagine what he felt? Honestly, I can't. Was he angry? Was he sad? What was his relationship with God? Did he get to heaven and find out that all he had could not compare with all he was about to receive? Or, was his destination hell, where he would gladly trade it all and much, much more in order to have another chance to get it right?

I want you to think for this reason--you and I have the unique ability to "do over." You know what I'm talkng about? Like in the back yard basketball game when you make a mistake and you simply say, "My bad, let's do over." We get to do that. As long as we walk this earth, we have the distinct pleasure of starting every day new with a God who allows "do overs." All we must do is ask for his grace, receive his forgiveness, repent of those mistakes and move forward. We can "do over. " But only with Him and only by His grace. I know "Mr. Lottery" would do it all over again if he could. Who wouldn't? Honestly, who wouldn't choose to have a second chance to love deeper, live better, dance longer, sing louder or to make their life count for more than just a statistic in their 70+ years? I know I would. Perhaps you would too. And you can. Here's hoping your New Year is every thing you dreamed, everything He planned. And remember, you don't have to have the lottery to have it all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What an awesome thought for the new year. God letting us do things over because we messed it up. And more amazingly He will let us do it over and over again until we can get it the way He wants it. As the New year begins I have had made that recommitmeent in my life. My hope and prayer is for everyone to come to a decision in their lives that they need Christ in their life.

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Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, I'm thinking back to what my life might have been like without my innocence lost. I'm from the years when you didn't even say the word pregnant. So sex was never mentioned. I only learned of it from a friend in seventh grade. (i'm a woman writing this) maybe guys learned sooner. I learned about it late even for those days, I guess.
After that a whole new world opened up before my eyes and that was all anyone talked about from then on it seems. Everything revolved around it, at least relationships were all that mattered from then on. Somewhere in the middle of all this information a need for love appeared. Thinking the only way to be loved and noticed
would be to give into these feelings and urges. Thus leading to several miserable relationships.
What would I be like if I had not crossed that line?
I wouldn't be me of course with all my bruises and scars. But I also wouldn't be healed. I wouldn't know how deep is the father's love and forgiveness.
If I could go back to that seventh grade girl and tell her all I know now. Boy, would I tell her a thing or two.
I would make it a different story where I would be filled with my savior's love. I would tell that girl that Jesus' love is all we need. He completes her not a guy. It is him that makes her who she is and feel special. It is him that makes her whole. He is all we need. It is not like those movies and fairy tales. It's falling in love with the king of kings and lord of lord's. He loves her just like she is and he holds her tighter than a man's hug, be it father or boyfriend.
Tell your daughter these things. And when you hug her remind her that he hugs her even more.