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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wow. I can't believe it's been so long since I typed my last entry. For any of your who care, sorry that it took so long. I guess the holidays have kind of sapped a good bit of my time. Last month, I had the privilege of returning to the seminary I graduated from and delivering the message at the chapel service there ( I had the opportunity to share my story and challenge some of the men and women who are preparing for ministry there. I was kind of floored by the response to that message. Just today I received two more e-mails from people who had heard the archived message on the website. I have learned something from these last two years. This world is filled with hurt. It comes in all shapes and sizes and, honestly, no one is spared. I guess that's why I want to tell others about the peace that comes from knowing Christ. And that's why that message strikes home for so many who are on this journey through life. I promise to write more often if you'll continue to read. And hopefully, the words that I share will continue to offer some peace to others who are living through pain.

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Anonymous said...

I was one who emailed... it is a POWERFUL message. I encourage anyone who hasn't checked it out to do so. Thank you Rev. Barron for sharing your testimony. It changes lives!

God bless.