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Monday, July 11, 2011

I told you so

Don't you just hate when someone says, "I told you so?" The implication is that they were right and you were wrong, that you somehow missed the mark with your information. Even worse, it shouts, "If you had only listened to me, I could have saved you a whole lot of heartache."

I've heard that phrase over the years in a ton of different settings. My older sisters used it on me at an early age as the sibling rivalry heated up around our home. Friends would use it at school as we would debate the important things of life--"Could Mark really down two chocolate milks in less than 30 seconds without puking in the lunchroom?" There were parents, coaches, teachers, professors--all who shared their knowledge with me and then reminded me how wise they truly were with the phrase. I've used it myself more times than I would probably care to admit. It can be annoying, especially if the end result of our ignorance is a costly embarrassment.

So, imagine my surprise this morning when I found someone else using it--someone I really wouldn't have expected. Jesus.

See, I have told you ahead of time. Matthew 24:25 NIV

Okay, he didn't use the exact phrase. And I'm quite sure that Jesus wasn't trying to boost His self-confidence by proving His point. He had just shared His description of future generations, specifically those that would be a part of end time events. Just before He warns us about others who would try to lead us astray with false claims, He tells His disciples, "See, I have told you..."

Let's be honest. This isn't the only thing that God has told us. His word is filled with encouragements, warnings, teachings and principles for living. The problem for us, for our world, is that we have simply chosen not to listen. The embarrassment is ours because we choose to ignore the wisdom. The truth is you and I can't really ever look at God and ask, "Why didn't I know this? Why didn't you tell us it would be this way?"

I think He will simply say, "I told you so."

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Keena said...

what a great post!!!! so true!!!