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Friday, September 28, 2007

Okay, confession time. I am a closet "Winnie the Pooh" fan. He's one of my heroes. Be honest. Who else could put on a shirt three sizes two small, eat all the time with a constantly swelling belly, hang out with all those misfits and still have such a positive outlook on life?

Look at 'em. There was Eeyore ("nobody cares about the donkey"). Wow, talk about a "downer". This guy could find dark shadows on the sun. And, yet, I love the guy (can you call a donkey a guy?). He pulls no punches, never shies away from sharing exactly how he feels--which is usually three heart beats short of a coma.

Then there is rabbit. I think I used to date a girl that was just like rabbit. Always busy, always moving, never quiet. Rabbit wears me out.

Piglet is a ray of sunshine. Timid and shy and yet always able to bring a little sunshine to the rest of the crew from the "Hundred Acres Woods." Poor thing just couldn't stay out of trouble but you would never find a more loyal friend. Just ask Pooh.

(Nice segue to the hero, huh?) he is. The rotund leader of a motley crew. Each with their own set of quirks. Each with their own set of contributions to the fun. None more important than the other. No wonder they called the place "enchanted."

The beautiful thing about creator A. A. Milne's laughable characters is this--as different and odd as all of them may be, no one cares. No one cares that gopher can't see, that owl's "wisdom" is short-sighted or that Tigger can't be still. They just "do life together." (For those of you Ridgeview readers out there, you know where this is headed now). Together. Can you imagine anyone of these characters handling just one story line alone? Can you see Piglet taking on heffalumps or woosles without his fearless friend Tigger by his side? Can you imagine Pooh escaping the jams (literal and figurative) that he finds himself in without the other inhabitants of the woods?

What about you? What keeps you from doing life with others? What's your excuse? Maybe you're like Eeyore and you think no one cares about the trouble you're going through. Bet you're wrong. Maybe you're just a little timid like Piglet or a little too busy like Rabbit. Let me assure you of something. You were not intended to face your life alone. God made you for life with others--no matter what part of the woods you live in. No matter what your life is like, it can be made better by doing it with others. They don't have to look like you (Christopher Robin never cared) or dress like you, they just have to know you care. Give it a try and see if your life doesn't become a little more enchanted.


Anonymous said...

When you said confession I thought you might be a closet-Catholic whew!

Some people don't want do life with others simply due to fear. They often desire real friendships but, because of previous hurt deep inside, there are people out there that are afraid to let other people in that close.

Lack of genuine love and trust is another reason. Who wants to feel like a tag along at a get together with people they don't know?
Some often feel like targets and that people strike up conversations to find common ground to have idle talk that is superficial.

If done right doing life together can be a great experience.
I know people are out there that need love, compassion, and honest friendships. They need to know that there are groups out here that exsist that can be there through good times and, just as importantly, through the rough times.

We all need to be willing to get up and take the first step in forging friendships that can last. We shouldn't always wait for someone else to come along side of us and make the first move.

Having a relationship with God is the blueprint we should use when doing life together. He reached down from above for us so we could get out there and reach across to someone in need.

Jennifer said...

I read your story in Home Life yesterday and it brought me to tears. I'm so sorry for your loss but can see that you have kept your focus on Jesus through your ordeal. I saw at the end that you were engaged and I see from your blog the picture of your wedding. Praise God for his goodness! May God richly bless you and your family always.
Jennifer from Mississippi

Panda-Mom said...

Hi! Just read your article in HomeLife magazine this afternoon. Wow. I was bawling. My husband and I are very close like you sounded with your wife. He is a Children's Minister so we are all about ministry life, too. You were so very real and transparent in your writing. Thank you.

Congrats on your new life and bride!

About Pooh. My watch is Pooh and Piglet. I have done several posts on my blog where I openly confess that I would live in The Hundred Acre Wood if I could! I am right there with you on the whole "Pooh" clan! I love 'em all!!! Glad to see I'm not the only adult (37 IS adult, right?) who loves this motley crew!

Thanks again for sharing your very moving story about our God holding you up.

Winnie Spann said...

So of course Winnie the Pooh is one of your heroes.....:)

I am also glad to read that you are moving beyond your "ornery & cantankerous" ways and letting your softer side show.

May our great God of peace continue to strengthen and keep you. I praise Him for displaying His glory in you! Congrats!!