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Monday, March 26, 2007

Because I've played sports most of my life, I've been taught to deal with pain, to play through the hurt until the game is finished. Not always the wisest advice from coaches but it was the consensus opinion nonetheless. It was an attempt to train young athletes to take the nicks and bruises that come with competition and to keep pushing forward. I think those years prepared me for what I go through now. I can't tell you the number of times I have thought it would be easier to "sit this one out" or to walk away because it would be easier (at least it seemed that way). I examine my heart--all the nicks and cuts and bruises that I have received in this life--and think to myself how great it would be to step away and allow some healing. While I have taken the time to do that, I've more-often-than-not pushed myself to stay in the game. As Paul the Apostle would put it, "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Pressing on. On many days it has become my life's mantra. Ignore the pain. Forget the nicks. Train your body to keep moving forward and know that there will be a reward, a prize for those who do not stop the marathon. I guess the up side to it all is longing for heaven increases more and more with every passing day. I can't wait till that day where the bruises and hurts will be healed. Where I won't have to listen to anyone else's opinions of my life or their judgments of my actions. A place where the burdens I bear presently will become long-forgotten memories of a world that used to be. So I keep pressing, keep pushing, keep longing for the "more" that is to come. I will enjoy the moments God gives me here--love my kids, love my job, love the friends He has blessed me with--but will always know that this world cannot compare to the place I long to be.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Barron,

I don't know if you will ever see this or if you would even care to see the note but I had to write it. I lost my mom about 2 months ago and a part of me has completely died with her. I miss her so much, every day, every moment, with each passing breathe. I wasn't with her when she left this earth, but I know, that the moment she slipped the bonds of this earth, she was in heaven with our Lord and Creator. I work at a hospital in NC and I saw your video today, about the death of your wife and child. Mr. Barron, I am so sorry for you loss and know that I am think of you and praying for you today, tomorrow and everytime from here forward that I think of your story. With my deepest respect,

Todd K. Booth
China Grove NC

Anonymous said...

I love you....just the way you are.

From a friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ridley.
After my sister's death I remember feeling like someone stabbed me in the heart and it left a big gash in my heart for years. My wound has healed and is now just a scar that remains as a reminder of the anniversaries surrounding my sisters illness and death. I to can't wait till I go to heaven.
Take care of You Ridley. It will take time to heal, but it will happen when you least expect it.
Know that I'm praying for you on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

He is your healer, your deliverer today. He is here now right now this moment. May he wash over you and fill your deepest longings.
He calls us to come and sit by his side and sit and to know him. He wants to lift us up to heavenly places and give us all good things.
Maybe we can see him and know him today through his words, his songs, his love, his comfort and peace, through our children's smiles, thru our friend's hand and shoulder.
And you Through a congregation that loves you and wants only the best for you. And is praying and hurting with you. We weep when you weep, we feel alone when you feel alone.
Come let us reason together for his is our strength, our glory our hope. Our today and our tomorrow.
May you find Rest in him today in the fullness of his glory.
You are so loved. So yes you keep pressing on! We need your guidance as we seek to find his will in our lives.
You are a gift to all of us.
In the name of Jesus...
We're praying for you now.

Anonymous said...

You just amaze me... thank you. I thank the Lord that He brought you to Southwestern Seminary so I would continue to be encouraged through the valleys. How many times I've felt like giving in... then I watch your video or I check your blog and you give me words that encourage me to "press on." Thank you Ridley. You and the kids are in my prayers!

-Heather Yordy
Ft. Worth, TX

Anonymous said...

I see your heart, Ridley. Thanks for sharing your pains and trials. It encourages me as I go through trials here on this earth, too.
I like the way you cry out in honesty and are real with us about all you are going through. It is this heart of honesty that God, I believe likes to hear. He knows it all anyway.
I think that in these times we find the presence of the Lord in a real way,saying back to us as we cry out, I am here in the middle of all of our circumstances.
I just read a devotion about one crying out to the Lord in the middle of a tough struggle in her life.
It said that faith is never the denial of reality.
It is belief in a greater reality. Which you so beautifully share in your thoughts.
And the truth is that we are presently going through so many discouraging and difficult circumstances and we often long for heaven. The devotion goes on...
The reason we don't have to buckle is that God is in the middle of our circumstances.
As we call upon him and cry out to him he says to us... "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy."
That place is holy because GOd stands on it with us.
We don't have to fill his shoes. We take off our sandals and walk barefoot in his wake.

How I praise God that he is in the middle of these battles and struggles. This gave me a new perspective thinking that our battlegrounds are Holy because he is there with us.
I pray that these things will produce in me that the lord desires for my life.
Standing on holy just love that perspective!
keep pressing on...

PharmDude said...

Bro. Ridley -
I am both an RN and a pharmacist, and have spent nearly a quarter century in healthcare. Recently I joined the staff of a large church to minister to healthcare professionals. I viewed a presentation you gave at a NC hospital, and am fully convinced we need to bring you up and have you speak to our area health systems and their employees. As a pharmacist and nurse, I was greatly moved by your story. God bless you brother. I'll be in touch!