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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Couldn't very well let the 4th of July pass without making a comment in that regard. It was a great day here as my family shared some "grill time" with another family in our church and then took in the fireworks. I've always loved fireworks. So, it's really hard to have a 4th without taking in a show. The colors, the shapes and magnificent displays are all part of the celebration for me.

Have you ever seen one from the sky though? A couple of summers ago I was flying home from a mission trip on the 4th of July at night. As cool as any fireworks show is to me, it is magnified by the perspective that comes from flying thousands of feet in the air and watching several shows at once. It was almost like this large, black pallet with bursts of color sprinkled here and there. It was amazing.

Reflecting back on that last night, it caused me to think of perspective with a different, uh, perspective. You and I get caught in the trap of living our lives for the here and now. We enjoy the show, "ooohing" and "aahing" at every explosion, every burst of color. These are fascinating times, special events, significant life changes for each of us.

God, on the other hand, sees the whole pallet of life. Every single day, He is watching from His perspective. Rather than seeing my solitary "show" and being impressed, He places me on the board next to you and a million other displays like them. He understands how my display enhances yours and mingles with the others around me. In additon to that, He has an ability to do something I couldn't do in that plane two summers ago. He can move my display closer to yours or further away from another in order to make the whole conglomeration (I've always wanted to use that word in an intelligent manner. Hope this passes) something that is pleasing to Him.

The challenge for today? Live your life each day to its absolute fullest. Display every color God has given you and live with explosive joy and excitement, BUT, don't be alarmed when the display gets moved or tweaked. Don't complain about too much red or not enough of the blue--God is up to something on a larger scale than my 70 years or your weekly decisions. He is observing the big picture. And daily, He works to pull ALL of this together for His glory. Our lives are beautiful displays of God at work. And, left in His hands, they can cause any observer to stand back in awe, amazed at God's work in our lives. Hope you had a happy and delightful 4th filled with incredible displays...of His glory!!

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Tiffany said...

What a great way to put it! I've always thought of a patchwrok quilt as my explanation of how God does everything in our lives so differently but meshes us together. I like yours better because, unlike a quilt, He can move you around in your pallet.

I've seen the 4th from an airplane quite a number of years ago ~ it was really beautiful.