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Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's been a long time since I recorded my thoughts on the blog. Alot has happened in these two weeks. I was reflecting a little on that as I watch another afternoon storm cloud roll in over the mountains in Livingston, Montana. We've been here since last Friday, doing sports camps and helping out a couple of guys who will be planting a new church here in SW Montana. I love this part of the country. It's an amazing reminder that there are still parts of our country that are rough and untamed, still unique in their offerings.

Last week, it was a wedding, a 40th birthday, a two day honeymoon (the real deal comes later) and prep time for the mission trip we are now on. Needless to say, the two weeks have zoomed by. As fun as all of this has been, I am ready to get home with my kids and start our routine. I like some routine to my life. Surprises are great and changes of scenery keep things interesting, but I'm only comfortable when I am in the routine stages of my life with my family. Since there is a newly revised version with twice the kids and a significant other in my life, there is much to deal with as we push towards the end of the summer and the start of school.

God is very good to me. I know that more and more. As I watch the shapes that form on the sides of these mountains, I am reminded of the passages in the Bible that tell us that our lives are kind of like that--shifting sand, dying grass, whispy vapors or rolling shadows. One day you are here, leaving your mark on the land and casting a big shadow. The next day, you are a memory in the minds of a few who knew you and cared. Great thought for the day? You better make sure that, while you've got your chance to show your stuff, that you make it count for something important. Solomon said the same thing in Ecclesiastes 2. He had chased all the things that can seemingly make us happy, but he found that only the things of substance will count.

The rain is starting to fall outside. Little drops at first and then the bigger ones that signal that this is more than just a passing weather pattern. I pray that my life spent here this week (and the week I was here last summer) makes some worthwhile impression on a kid who needs encouragement, refreshing and a reminder of God's great love for him. Hope your life makes that same difference for someone today as well.


Diana said...

You sell yourself short; I think long after you and your team leave Montana you can surely bet the imprint you all have made this week will no doubt ripple for years to come and it probably won't be just the youth that will have been blessed.
Have a safe journey home.

Tiffany said...

Oh how I LONG to see the beautiful mountains and plains of Montana! Not to mention my twin sister and my grandparents as well! They all live up in that beautiful state! I am glad you are planting a church up there and know that God will bless it! Wave and shout blessings in the direction of Great Falls for me!

Congrats Ridley on your marriage to your beautiful Lisa. (I hope I'm remembering her name correctly!)