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Friday, October 26, 2007

One of the great themes of the Bible is that of God's provision. It literally runs from Genesis to Revelation. It shows up in the Garden, before the Flood, during the Exodus from Egypt, and on multiple battlefields across the Promised Land. It includes an ark, some stones, a sheep, a manger, a cross and an empty tomb. The good news is--let's make that the great news--it never stops. Never. For those who trust God and follow God, He has promised to be our provision.

Let me impress you with my vast knowledge of the Hebrew language. It consists of about 10 words (my knowledge, not the Hebrew language). This was the language that the people of Israel spoke and the language that our Old Testament was written in.

They had multiple names for God. There was such a complete reverence for Him that they would never refer to Him by name so they created these kinds of pseudonyms so they wouldn't be irreverent by calling His name. Most of us have heard the name Jehovah--a common reference to the Creator. But they would attach these character specific references to this name to refer to God. One of these was Jehovah-jireh. It literally meant "the God who provides." That in itself is a really cool thing. But think about the ones who uttered that name. These weren't people who knew about Jehovah-jireh. These were men and women who knew Him intimately from experience.

Take Moses. Every day he spoke that name, there had to be a little bit more significance than the last time. Basket in the river to save his life--God provides. Burning bush in the desert for direction--God provides. Lamb's blood on a doorpost to save him from death--God provides. Plagues...quail... manna...water from a rock--God provides!!! Can you imagine?

Or maybe you don't have to. You see, God is doing the same thing for you every day of your life. Providing. Maybe it's not so dramatic that people want to make movies about you or make Veggietales cartoons about your story, but it's provision just the same. home...friends--God provides!!! You name it and you can bet that it's passed through God's hands to you.

Here's why that is important:
  1. Knowing where things come from takes the pressure off of us to provide. Moses could have stood at the Red Sea and panicked that day. He could have bailed water with a 5 gallon bucket or blown at the water's edge until he was blue in the face. He could have never done what only God could do. How about you? Are you bailing water trying to create your own miracles? Rest in the knowledge that God can and will provide as soon as you shut up, sit down and get out of His way.
  2. Knowing this is the best weapon against depression and selfishness. If you take a long look at your circumstances, you'll start wringing your hands over that medical bill, that broken relationship or that upcoming test. You'll become depressed. But, if you turn the tables on Satan and begin to list all the ways that God has provided in the past, you'll find your hands stop wringing and they start raising in praise to the One who provides. And it's really hard to be selfish when you truly realize that all you have came from Him. It wasn't your genius or your hard work. Just His amazing love for you. So, to be thankful, what do you do with all that God has given you? You start giving it away. That's right. Give it away. Bless others and watch what God does for you. It's kind of like the old Doritos commercial. God says, "Give away what you have. I'll provide more."

Provision. It's one of many amazing gifts offered to us through this relationship with our Creator. But there's one catch. God NEVER forces Himself on anyone. Provision must be received. Until you start receiving, you--and only you--will be the source of all you need. That, my friend, is when the real problems begin.

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Eddy said...

I needed to be reminded that God provides, not me. Thanks. Have a blessed day.