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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome back! I know it's been me that's been gone for the last week but, in a sense, you've been gone as well (unless you've just been hanging around my blog waiting for my return at which point I would suggest stronger therapy). We're back. It was an incredible week for all the reasons that I wanted it to be (see the previous blog entry). We saw amazing things. Golden leaves. Incredible mountain lakes and streams. Fenway Park.

I re-traced the steps of some of the greatest moments in American history--a history majors dream. The Old North Church. Old cemeteries. Paul Revere's house. The U.S Constitution. Fenway Park.

And Lisa and I were able to take some much needed time to grow closer, learn more about each other and prove to her that I wasn't a complete goof-ball. Two out of three is not bad.

Some other things happened last week thanks to your prayers. God taught me a lot I was able to clear the fog away for a few days and see where I am and where He wants me. I was able to unwrap new layers of His character, to discover where He is working on me and re-shaping me.

So, you'll probably get glimpses of that trip over the next few weeks. Not every day. I wouldn't dare invite you into my "house" and make you re-live my trip with me. But I hope the things that God is showing me will help to challenge and refine you a little as well. Here are some closing thoughts to make your reading today worthwhile.

Challenge number one is to pick up the Bible and read Psalm 1--really read it. It's an amazing passage. I'll be back to that one later on as God has settled me there for the last two days.

Lesson number one (don't get excited, it's not a real spiritual lesson)...folks don't drive very nicely in Boston, especially when their car is bigger than yours. But, if you really want to make friends, drive slowly with a map in your hands and make sure to smile and wave as they fly past. They will salute you with the finger and welcome you to Bean Town in the nicest way.

Warning number one. Don't ever fly anywhere with me. You are guaranteed to have your flight cancelled, luggage lost, stormy weather or any other number of traveler nightmares. I'm just sort of lucky that way.


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Glad you are back. Glad you and Lisa had a fantastic time. I bet it was wonderful!

That one finger salute...agggh - those Bostonians really know how to make you feel good, don't they?

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK! Glad to hear you and Lisa had a great time and are back home safe. Can't wait to hear more about the trip. Also excited to hear what God has done while you were gone.

roland said...

Welcome back

Lisa Barron said...

I don't usually comment on your blog but our days away together are worthy of an entry. I had the most amazing time and feel even more blessed to be loved by the most incredible husband. My sides are still hurting from all the laughing! I am excited to see what God has next with all that He showed you and all He showed me. Our marriage, our family and our awesome church are one step closer to greatness!

I love and respect you.


Jennifer said...

i know what you mean about the driving thing. driving around boston used to totally freak me out when matt was in school.