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Monday, December 22, 2008

There is a lot to love about this time of year...

There is a lot to love about this time of's really hard to choose. This morning, we awoke to single digit temperatures. I love that. It makes it feel like Christmas to me. I used to have the hardest time living in South Georgia where it was just as likely to be 75 on Christmas as it was to be 40. One day, I hope to awaken to a white Christmas. It hasn't happened yet in 41 years but I'm still holding out hope. That's not my favorite thing though.

I love hearing from family and friends that I haven't talked to in forever. Whether it's an e-mail, phone call or Christmas card, I enjoy catching up with old friends and being reminded of special memories. As good as that it is, that's not my favorite part either.

There are family gatherings, children's excitement, well wishes and plenty of good eats. Each part of the Christmas season holds a special meaning and a special place in my heart...or my stomach as the case may be. But what's my favorite part?

I've narrowed it down to one special moment. It's that point on Christmas eve when everything is done. The presents are neatly wrapped and stacked under the tree. The kids have finally settled down for the night. Church responsibilities have been put on hold and the last parties have become sweet memories for future years. It's that point when I sit down on the couch with my wife in front of the fireplace with a glass of skim milk (Santa's watching his fat intake) and chocolate chip cookies prepared for St. Nick. The world is perfectly still--it's as if 2000 years later creation is still observing the arrival of its Maker. The last few hours of one year are filtering away and I'm looking ahead to the start of one more. There, in that stillness, there is no missing the significance of that night. Angels singing, shepherds bowing, wise men seeking, father rejoicing, mother pondering, King arriving!! Two thousand years later, it is my prayer that we still know the importance of Christmas.

My blogs will be hit and miss (mostly miss) over the next few days as we go through the holidays. My family (Lisa, Morgan, Harrison, Abigail and Landon) wish all of you who read the Merriest of Christmases. May the Child of Bethlehem find a place in your heart as Lord this Christmas. We love you!!

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