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Monday, December 01, 2008

The flip is switched

The flip is switched. We have seamlessly shifted from Thanksgiving to the Christmas season. I have to be honest. Lisa and I started listening to Christmas CDs about two weeks ago, though. I love the songs and the feeling they bring so I can't really keep them to just one month a year.

I'm looking forward to lots of things this Christmas season. There are, of course, the parties and the goodies, the songs and the annual Christmas parade. More than anything, I love hanging out with the family. I'm praying for a little simplicity this season, a less hectic pace. I'm wishing for love in my family, peace in my heart and snow on the ground (wouldn't hurt to have it just once, now, would it?) More than anything I guess I'm casting a vision for myself as I launch out into Christmas '08. I want to know the Baby of Bethlehem better than ever before. I want to come to that day just as those shepherds did that first Christmas morning--innocent, pure, completely open, and worshipping with all their hearts.

If I can get there, I won't need much more. I've got all the gifts I need. But the older I get, the more I realize that all I really need(ed) was born there that day. If only I can embrace Him...

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