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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Here's your worthless information of the day.

Here's your worthless information of the day.

It seems as though this family has become extremely adept at spitting...crickets. That's right? Crickets. Now, I have to be honest with you. My first thought upon reading this article was not, "I wonder how far they spit it?" Nor was it, "I wonder if I could top their records?" No. Here's where my thoughts settled. Who in the world was so bored that they decided to freeze crickets (hope they remembered which frozen package was which in the freezer), pull them out hours later and see who could spit them the furthest? Better yet, who decided that it was such a popular thing that it needed to be a state fair event with age groupings and everything (yes, there was a category for 5 to 8 year olds)?

Funny how we can get caught up in some trivial things. Honestly, I think it's kind of cool (gross as it may be) for father and son to enjoy a common hobby. I'm not quite sure what happened to putting the cricket on a pole and trying to entice fish with it. But, hey, who am I to question?

It made me think about all the trivial things we can get caught up in when it comes to our faith. Think about. There is this giant state fair going on--rides, entertainment, food, games (I can hear the sound of money being sucked from people's pockets as we think about it). But over in a remote part of the fairgrounds, there's a small group of "cricket spitters." There is even a strategy to the whole thing. And these people are missing the real reason for coming.

We can do the same thing with our faith some times. We can miss the whole point of what God is seeking for us because we get focused on the little things. The end result? its worst. Religion focused on ritual, performance...trivia. And what you have left? Cricket spitters.

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