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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One nation

If you're like me, I've gotten just a little overwhelmed lately with the news coming out of our nation's capital. More accurately, I'm probably a little confused as to how I am best able to respond. Quite frankly, I'm not sure who is manning the wheel of the ship any more.

We have a Congress that no longer listens to its constituents, a judiciary who makes rulings based on their opinions rather than the guidelines of our Constitution and a President who has declared himself to be "king." I'm quite certain that--while we are definitely facing shortages of money and jobs and other such important items--our biggest problem is a lack of what I deem to be common sense.

Let me help you see my perspective. If I lie in a court of law, I'm charged with a felony. Yet most of the leaders we have in Washington make it a regular practice to lie to us in the name of politics. If a homosexual activist wants to parade down a street with no clothes on in front of children to make his point, he is said to be practicing his 1st Amendment right. If a Christian wants to stand on the sidewalk at that parade and talk about Jesus, he's considered a bigot and silenced because he is disturbing the peace. We'll send thousands of American troops and millions of dollars to keep North Koreans from streaming across the 38th parallel but we won't deploy American troops to our own borders to slow the stream of people crossing into our country illegally.

We spend billions of dollars a year in the name of defending ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic but we spend hours scolding Israel for doing the same when they are attacked on a weekly basis by people who hate them. We talk about budget deficits and increasing debt but continue to increase spending to newer heights believing that the next guy can clean up the mess. Since cave men walked the earth, men have hunted and fished for their livelihood and for sport. Now, there is a movement to remove the right of anybody to hunt at all because of the animals. Yet, you can abort a baby for convenience?

We've left behind morals, principles and values that made us a great nation and then scratch our heads when we look at the chaos going on around us. We reward people for not working, for not living pure lives, for not doing their part (they usually get a TV show or, at the very least, a tell all book)--all while taxing the stuffing out of people who are trying to live decent and upright lives. Then, we wonder why the numbers of unemployed continue to rise.

I could go on and on. You get my drift. We have simply failed to use common sense. The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing the same way and expect different results. By that definition, we've got nothing but crazies steering this ship. And, yes, the Bible has something to say about this as well:

For lack of guidance a nation falls... Proverbs 11:14

That swooshing sound you hear is 225 plus years of history falling flat on its face. The way I see it, that's just a matter of common sense.

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