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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Proper Perspective

I was re-reading the story of Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee. God used it to provide a great reminder for me in the middle of a very hectic Tuesday. So, I thought I'd share it with you today.

In Mark 4, we see that Jesus has asked his disciples to go over to the other side of the Sea. Jesus decides to take advantage of the opportunity and lies down in the stern for a little rest. A storm breaks out. Now, keep in mind, these guys lived in and around the Sea of Galilee. Several of them worked on the water for a living and had seen these storms before. So, for them to be this afraid means that this must have been one heck of a storm. Jesus rests.

Finally, in desperation (sound familiar?) the disciples turn to Jesus. He calmly rebukes the wind, calms the storm and then questions the faith of his friends. "Come on, guys. We've been together long enough. You should know better than this. What's a little storm among friends?"

Here's the part that caught my attention yesterday. In verse 41 it says that the disciples were in awe...of Jesus. And this changed their perspective. They stopped fearing the waves and started fearing the One who can tame the waves. Immediately the outlook of their journey--the threat of the storm--was changed.

My question--the one God asked me on Tuesday and the one I'm asking you today--what are you living in awe of? What gains your attention? The storms? The circumstances? The events of your life? Take note of what the disciples learned. Living in awe of Christ will put every circumstance in perspective and give you strength to finish your journey. Don't allow life to take the respect that only Christ deserves.

Now, to figure out how Jesus manages to nap in the storm...that's my next objective.

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slug said...

Now, to figure out how Jesus manages to nap in the storm...that's my next objective.

That's easy; Ps 127:2

he grants sleep to those he loves.

I recite this partial verse over and over when the world has filled my head and I'm trying to get that "last hour" of sleep in.