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Monday, August 16, 2010

Reflections on Sunday

Holy cow, it was a great day at Ridgeview yesterday! I just have to start there. I loved our "NO Volunteer" Sunday. I hope those of you who were there learned two things: 1) that we absolutely love our volunteers at Ridgeview. You guys are off the charts and you serve with amazing hearts! 2) there is no stinking way we could have our normal Sunday on a regular basis without all of you. Yeah, we had great worship yesterday. Yeah, the Word of God got taught and people were changed. That's going to happen any time people come together in God's name. But did you hear the squeaking chairs and see the wiggly bodies? And that was just the adults. Think about what an impact every volunteer in our church makes on any given Sunday. Then, go and thank someone who runs the sound, brews your coffee, turns on the lights or teaches your kids.

But I walked away with one dominating question that has been a part of more than half a dozen conversations since lunch time yesterday. Where are the male leaders in our church? Where are the men who are willing to lock arms and storm hell on behalf of our families? Where are the guys who are going to pray for their pastor, hold each other accountable and be the model for the generations that are watching them?

Here's my answer. They are right here, right in the middle of our RCC family. And it's time for them to step up and LOUDLY start leading our body. Here is how that will happen. First, as their pastor, I'm going to challenge them more, invest in them more, encourage them more. I need them. This church needs them. The Kingdom of God needs them.

Secondly, as their friends, spouses, kids and co-followers of Christ, you are going to encourage them. Let them know you are counting on them. Applaud them when they lead. Pray for them as they do. And, wives, don't you dare expect your husband to lead at church if you aren't willing to follow his spiritual leadership at home. I've got guys who have amazing skills, character and talent but they are afraid to lead because every time they do at home, the rug gets ripped right out from under them.

Lastly, you are going to take responsibility for yourselves, men. You are the one who must choose to lead. You are the one who must live in submission to Christ. You are the one who must swallow your pride. You are the one who must pray and serve and give and live like all of Heaven is counting on you.

Man, great things are happening in our church. As we watch our men step into the God-given roles they are called to occupy, this church will continue to rise and become the force of influence God wants it to be. Come on, men!! Lead the charge as we take back ground for Christ.

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Tonda said...

Amen and bravo, pastor! These are similar words that I heard on Sunday in Birmingham. Must be an epidemic - not of uncaring men, but of men who are about to step up and LEAD! I'm beyond ecstatic!!! Good word!