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Monday, November 08, 2010

Secret Church

Last Friday night, Ridgeview hosted its first "Secret Church" event. Twenty of us gathered in a barn in subfreezing temperatures to pray for the persecuted church around the world, worship and fellowship together and enjoy six hours of intense Bible study. Let me assure you it won't be the last time we do this. It was amazing!

As we huddled in the close quarters of that barn and shared stories of persecuted Christians all over the world, I was humbled at the opportunity I have been given to meet when and where I choose in the name of Christ. I am humbled that I have the freedom to study the Bible as I choose without fear of prison or death or injury.

At the same time, I am ashamed that I have to be reminded that others do not share that luxury. I am embarrassed that I take such freedoms for granted. The Bible is the most precious book. It's words have power to change my life, to give me hope and promise. It has been preserved for me so that I may have direction for life and wisdom for the choices I have to make. How can I allow such a treasure to ever lay unopened on my desk? How can I presume to think I ever know enough of what God has given me in this book? Yes, it was a powerful night as we dug into the Word. I hope you'll join us next time as we gather.

The night wasn't without it's fun either. The pastor fell into a drainage ditch walking in the dark. No injuries and no one was there to laugh. Then, about halfway through the evening, we were joined by several of God's smaller creatures. Mice began to run back and forth on the beams behind where I was teaching. It was pretty comical to watch the eyes of the ladies as the mouse would poke his head out, see us still there and retreat for cover.

For those of you who joined us and braved the temps, more power to you. I hope to see you and a friend at our next event.

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