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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


You hear a lot of preachers talk about contentment. I wonder if we really get what that means. When we hear the word our first thoughts turn to money and material things, as it rightfully should. But this morning, as I was reading Paul's passage on the subject, other thoughts popped into my head.

Do you realize how different marriages in our country would look if we learned to be content with the blessing we already had? Or how about this thought...don't you imagine that our economy would be stronger if people learned to be content with what they had and didn't run up credit card/mortgage debt to pursue things? I imagine the word "commitment" would carry a different meaning as well.

I think contentment begins with the understanding that the world wasn't built for's just ours to use. When it becomes less about me and more about God, I start to see even the smallest things in my life as a blessing.

Another key is the recognition that everything we have comes from the hand of a benevolent God. That new job you just got? You didn't get it; God provided it for you. The things you've earned from the hard work of your hands are more accurately God's blessings because he loves you. Your health...His work. Your wisdom...from Him. Your added blessing.

This change in perspective enables even the smallest things to become great sources of contentment. And, as Scripture promises, "godliness with contentment leads to great gain." (1 Timothy 6:6)

This would be a great lesson to learn as the holiday season begins. The best formula to stay away from post-shopping regret is to celebrate Thanksgiving with all your heart and let Christmas be a time of reflection on His great love.

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