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Thursday, December 23, 2010


In case you haven't heard or don't have children to constantly remind you, there's only two days till Christmas. Another year has passed and we arrive again at the threshold of the celebration of Christ's birth. It is, for most of us, the most joyous occasion of the year as we remember God's arrival on the scene of humanity.

For most of us...

As I sat and thought about my writing this morning, there were many others who came to mind who might not find this Christmas so joyous. I think about my friend who is about to lose his wife after a brief marriage. Another friend has just found out that her father has cancer though they don't know to what extent. One young mother will spend yet another Christmas alone watching her kids celebrate. She feels all alone in the world because of the hand that life has dealt her. Many families this Christmas will have a vastly different Christmas than in years past as the economy has taken their ability to celebrate in the traditional ways. And who can forget the millions of men and women serving our country overseas this time of year? Their sacrifices are great...not the least of which is being away from their families as we do Christmas in the comfort and security of our homes.

But Christmas will be merry nonetheless. Because Jesus came for these very reasons. He came for the lost, the hopeless, the frail and the sick. He came to bring peace and joy and love. He "made himself nothing" and "took the nature of a servant" so that we can have joy in spite of the circumstances of our life.

For each of you who are struggling this Christmas because of death or sickness or insecurity or loss, please know that the Barrons, as part of their holiday celebration, will be lifting you up to God. Though your pain is real and heart felt, God knows your heart and has promised to never leave of you. For those of you who don't find yourself at this place, I invite you to reach out to others this Christmas. Instead of wishing them a Merry Christmas, how about doing what you can to make it one for them?

This may be my last blog for 2010 unless I try to slip one in next week. Instead of sending Christmas cards this year, our family decided to use the money that we would have spent to bless some families that are in need this season (more, it seems, than in years past). So, I didn't want my friends and family to think they had been left out or forgotten. We just decided that God would probably desire this more than one more picture of the Barron family hanging on your door. So, in place of our card, here is our prayer for you...

May the joy and meaning of the first Christmas season surprise you this holiday season. May the stockings and gifts and dinners and decorations fade in comparison to the glory of that first Christmas night. Behold, a Savior has been born!! And it is no small deal that this Child shall save you...yes, you...from your sins if you will only bow to Him as shepherds and Magi did.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The Barrons.

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Kevin Trapnell said...

Merry Christmas to the Barrons! Love your blogs, bro!!
Kevin T.