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Monday, March 21, 2011

Unraveling my mess

Like many of you, I've enjoyed reading Lisa's blog the last few days (read here). It was educational for me to hear the thoughts and feelings of my kids as they answered Lisa's questions. It was equally surprising to hear my own answers to her questions.

I try from time-to-time to sit and unpack "Ridley." (admittedly, it is not an easy task). I try to sort through the journey of the last 43 years. One of the things I must admit is that the changes that have occurred in me have been accelerated these last seven years. Life and death. Old and new. Changes that were planned and those that were unseen. It's crazy to try and unravel all that God has done in this time.

The greatest comfort comes from knowing there is a God--not just any god but a powerful, all-knowing and loving God--who is absolutely crazy about me. He sees me where I am, in the midst of the darkest moments and the highest celebrations. He loves me when I am the least lovable. He works behind the scenes of my life to bring things that I never thought possible.

Unraveling "me" is an ugly job. It comes with sins I'd rather ignore and faults that I'd like to wish away. But God's great love for me promises that He can take it all and make something worthwhile. I don't deserve any of it...and that's the beauty of what I see God doing. It's not mine to take credit for.

I share this just to say to you...He feels the same way about you. As you sit there feeling low, inadequate, ugly or insecure, know that He sees you differently. God came up with the word potential. Here is the cool thing, though. Potential does not depend on what you and I can do when we try harder; it depends on what He can do when we surrender more often. All He needs is a willing heart.

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