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Monday, June 06, 2011


Lisa and I returned last night from a quick trip out of town with our board of directors. It really doesn't seem right to call them a board. Pardon the pun but it seems a little too stiff (get it? board? stiff?) We had such an amazing time with this group as we prayed, planned, and dreamed about the future of where our ministry is taking us. I'm thankful for each of these people and what they mean to us--past, present and future.

We also had the privilege of worshipping with the Orchard Church down in Ellijay, Georgia. What a great group of people! Pastor Steve and his group there at the Orchard were a pleasure to be with Sunday morning. There hearts are hungry and, even in the brief time we were with Steve and his wife Sherry, it is easy to see that they are leading this group in an amazing way.

We came home to be greeted by four very tired teens. All of them have been at camp this week. I can't tell you how incredible it was to hear each of their stories as they shared what God was teaching them and what He had shown them this week. It's such an encouragement as a dad as you pray and teach and guide and direct them. There are days you want to scream because you don't think they'll ever get it. Those are the days that I am reminded that I have caused my share of screams in past years. (I know you are shocked to find that I've not always been an angel). I am also reminded of the patience of a loving God. Man, the things He has to put up with from me as He patiently waits for me to "get it." In many instances, He is still waiting.

I am thankful for the life God has blessed me with. The weekend as a whole reminded me how blessed I am: the company of friends at our retreat, the heart of like-minded followers of Christ as worshipped together, the love of family. I am also reminded that this life I'm given is not for my benefit or my fulfillment. If I ever try to find my purpose in "things" I'll only be disappointed. People and plans will disappoint me at some point, some more frequently than others. It's only by staying focused on what God has in store that I can know true contentment in all things.

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