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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take a deep breath

God's timing is always good. That doesn't mean we will always like it, but it is always good. Several months ago, two of our very good friends approached us at church one Sunday morning with a gift. He had won a get away for two in a golf tournament. After praying with his wife, the two of them felt led to give it to us as a gift. They insisted we take it and made us promise we would use it. (Just to prove how good God is, he played in the same tournament this year and won the same, exact getaway again. Just proves you can't out give God). So, Lisa brought home the certificate and scheduled our time away. It began yesterday, just a few days after my doctor told me to get away from my stress. Great timing!

I thought about that this morning as Lisa and I were hiking through the beautiful surroundings. It was raining but it mattered very little to either of us. The sound of the gentle drops as they sprinkled into the canopy of trees was relaxing. The hills weren't so much. But I loved every minute of it.

I got to the top of one of the rises and took a deep breath. The fresh air filling my lungs was amazing. I turned to Lisa and said, "You know, it's a cool feeling when you get to the top of one of these hills and take a deep breath. It's like saying, 'Hey, cool, I made it without stopping.'"

Lisa laughed and replied, "It's a lot like life isn't it?"

So true. It is like life. There is a unique feeling when you tackle that next hill and take a second to relax and catch your breath. That's what these three days are for us. A chance to catch our breath and thank God for what he has done and look with anticipation towards what is next.

The danger is when you forget to take a breath and you charge headlong into the next hill. That's our tendency as humans, especially those of the American variety. Don't stop, don't even slow down. Someone may take your place in line or get a half-step ahead of you. Here is the exciting news. We all finish at the same line. What matters is not how much you get done before you reach that line but Who you serve in getting there. God set the example for us in the beginning; Jesus followed suit in his time here on earth. There is a time for work (six days God worked in creation) and a time for climbing (Jesus ministering to thousands) but rest must be a part of who we are and what we do on a regular basis. When else will we take the time to celebrate the victories, the hills climbed and the blessings of God?

Pardon me if I don't answer my phone. I taking my next breath.

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