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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I've got one of those sinus infection "thingies" going on this morning. Actually, it started yesterday and I tried to wish it away. So I got up, went for a run, finished cutting the grass and worked my way through Monday. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fight off what seemed to be inevitable. It probably wasn't helped by playing a double-header last night in the Middle Tennessee heat.

So, this morning, I find myself working from my "bed office." I can't stand it. I've always said I'd rather pull a muscle or break a finger than to have a sinus infection. They drive me crazy--raw nose and all. I think it's because when you pull a muscle, you can kind of accommodate the problem...maybe limp a little or limit your use of that part of the body. Not a sinus thing. You can't exactly stop breathing. So, the nose keeps dripping and the body keeps aching from this stupid infection.

Infections are the same no matter where they are. They can sap your energy. They can cause you to operate at half speed (or worse). And they require all the effort of the body to fight them, drawing resources from other areas.

Did you hear me say that infections are the same no matter where they are? Not just in the human body. In your organization, in your family, in your circle of friends. Infections (those people who have negative attitudes or bitter hearts) can rip your family and ravage your church. They sap the energy from the group, cause it to limp along at half speed and require resources from other areas to be concentrated on them.

No matter how hard you might wish them away, they can't be ignored. The only answer--fight them. In my case, it's fluids, anti-biotics and lots of rest. But to fight your own special "infection" you may have to have a hard conversation and stand up to the one who is bringing the organization down. The sooner, the better. Especially when it comes to my sinus "thingy."

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