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Monday, August 08, 2011

Your story

I've been reflecting on something the last few days while I was in Georgia with Lisa at my mom's house. It is truly amazing how one person's story effects others. I know that I have spent the last seven years watching as Josh's story has touched thousands of people. I am thankful that God has given me that opportunity. I've also seen how Lisa's story has impacted hundreds of women as she talks about God's grace through very difficult times. This weekend, I was thinking about how my life was touched by the countless stories of the people of Honduras.

A young, single mom who goes weeks without pay to continue to serve these orphan children. She gives and gives when she, herself, is in need of provision.

A young boy whose parents throw him down a well because he is not what they expected in a child. His mild learning disabilities "disqualify" him from being part of their family.

A 14 year old who has come to the home to be away from her family, a family that forced her into prostitution to make money for their drug habits.

A young man who stands in the mud of his village where he is raising his family of 6 in a one room hut with no electricity, no running water. He smiles with pride at me as he shows off his beautiful children.

Two questions I have to ask. What's your story? How are you using it to impact others? All of us have a story. Every day that passes, another twist in the plot unfolds. But stories aren't written to be kept on a shelf. They are shared with others to make an impact. To change the reader in such a way that the story never leaves his heart or mind. What will you do with God's story in your life? Others are watching, waiting, wanting to read. Wanting to be changed by who you are and what God is doing in the pages of your story.

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Keena said...

good question... my hubby wants me to write a book about my story and struggle and how GOD has sustained me through my illness....maybe one day...