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Friday, September 21, 2007

Boy, the hits just keep coming. Seems like every day that passes the world gets just a little crazier. I'm not talking about being a little silly or offbeat. I'm talking about being down right crazy. Three examples from today's news:
  • a man in Atlanta is arrested for taking his neighbors cats. The reason? He was using them to feed his pit bull. Now, I am not a fan of cats (despite being forced to own 4 of them in my previous marriage) but to take one and give it to the dog as an afternoon treat is just a little bit extreme.
  • in Germany, a politician has spoken out in favor of some new legislation regarding marriage. Ready for this one? She believes that marriages pretty much run their course after 7 years. So, she proposes that every marriage would be dissolved after 7 years. The couple would then decide to move on or, if they liked being married, "re-up" for 7 more. Adds a whole new meaning to the phrase the "seven year itch." Worst part is, she is supposedly a conservative Christian.
  • at least this next guy admits he is an agnostic. A state representative in Omaha, NE sued God last week for "terroristic threats, causing world-wide panic and endangering the lives of billions of people with his behavior." The good news is that God has reportedly responded with a formal reply reminding this gentleman that He made the world good, it's our free will that has the whole thing screwed up. You go, God!!

So, this had me thinking about all this craziness. Seemingly intelligent people doing outlandish things because they believe it's the right thing to do. Then, something struck me.

Why not me? Or you for that matter? Why not something crazy and outlandish for God and for the Kingdom's sake? DO NOT misunderstand me...I'm not talking about turning into a religious wacko. We all know they've done far more harm than good in this world. No, I'm just talking about something unexpected, outside the box, away from the norm. After all, isn't God the best at that kind of thing?

Think about it.

  • Building boats in a desert to save the world from a flood where they have never seen rain.
  • Leading over a million people through the desert with a cloud by day and a "glow-in-the-dark" one by night.
  • Sending a teenager to do a man's work when someone called for a giant-slayer.
  • Three men dancing in a furnace, clamping the mouths of lions shut and causing city walls to fall with only a shout.

Perhaps the most radical intervention plan of all? A teenage virgin delivers the hope of the world...God made flesh. Absolutely, stinking radical. That's what it is. It blows my mind. So, what do His followers do to give him honor? (Shhh ,now. We wouldn't want anyone to hear. It might offend someone and it might cause someone to notice us.) NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. At least, not most of us. Our heads are buried in our hymnbooks while our world is headed to hell. We spend more time fighting each other than we do fighting the enemy. We've taken the simple truth that God loves us and turned it into a convoluted mess that has theologians scratching their heads.

It's time for something radical. Something God-like. Something beyond the definition of man and incapable of being attributed to some good man or some good program. I'm still praying with those of you who committed a few weeks back for God's outpouring. I'm praying that some group, some church, some Bible study somewhere will get it. What is "it"? I don't know. Can't exactly put my finger on it. But I can tell you starts and ends with God. Not me. Not you. But somewhere in the middle is the story of one life so completely surrendered that God finds the vessel He needs to change others.

I'm praying for over 200 people at my church this week. I'm praying for new believers. I'm praying for sister churches and pastor friends and missionaries and disciples all over the world to do something radically different. After all, isn't that the purest reflection of a God who is in the business of living outside the norm of our expectations? I think so.

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