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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little bit of a different blog this afternoon. Just kind of thinking and reflecting on a recurring subject in my ministry these days--even in my personal life. It's the issue of trust. It seems like it's popped up in numerous places: our recent sermon series, conversations with some of my close friends, numerous counseling sessions over recent weeks and my quiet time this morning. So, in no particular order, here are some random thoughts on the issue of trust:
  • Contrary to what some people believe, trust is not given, trust is earned. A life time of building trust can be thrown away with a few thoughtless words or one careless action.
  • Trust, like most other parts of a relationship, can grow but, like most living things, it must be tended to regularly to maintain the life and growth.
  • It's impossible to trust someone in a relationship when you keep secrets of your own. Underneath is the nagging suspicion that you are being treated with the same dishonesty.
  • Trust involves risk. You don't take risks, you never learn to trust.
  • Sufficiency found in Christ allows you to take greater risks, embracing bigger opportunities for trust.


Lori said...

I just read your story in HOME LIFE and I have been so blessed by your life's events. I live in almost constant fear that God will take my precious family from me before I am ready and reading your story was healing for me. There is hope and God is faithful. COngratulations on your new marriage. She's beautiful.

Boothe Farley said...

hi ridley-
i have to tell you i was stunned to see your comment on my blog this afternoon. conor and i were just talking about you on friday as drove to pick up his parents from the airport. i wondered how you were doing and what the Lord had done in your life since the first time you contacted me through the magazine. i'm sorry we never got to speak in person then. know your words of encouragement have blessed me in a way that few can... i realize your journey has been wrought with grief in ways i will never relate to. i am thankful to see the Lord wielding fruit in your life despite the dark valleys. may He bless you and your family forever and ever.


Shelly said...

I was given your article in Home Life by my pastor two weeks ago. I am inspired by your story and the picture on your site of you and your three children happy once more. I pray that is in our future. I'm 34 with three children (ages 6, 4, and 2), and I lost my husband 5 days shy of our 12 year anniversary 3 months ago. He went into the hospital at 11 am with a kidney stone (his 25th-30th), and was gone by 4 am. I have been totally devastated, but God has given me what I need (moment by moment) to survive for my children. I feel so alone and scared, so unsure of the future for me and my kids, and so sad because I miss my husband and what we had so much. I never knew my heart could literally hurt for so long. The pain and anguish of losing my husband has been beyond words. He was a wonderful Christian, husband, and father. Next to God, he was our everything! Step by step, prayerfully, depending on God for EVERYTHING is all I know to do.