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Monday, November 16, 2009

My mom used to have an old book called "The Torch is Passed."

My mom used to have an old book called "The Torch is Passed." It was a look--through words and pictures--into the brief days in office of President John Kennedy. Being a history lover, there were many days I would simply plop down on the couch in our living room and flip through the book. It told the story of Kennedy's rise to the Presidency as well as the tragic accounts of his assassination. As a boy, I was fascinated. There were cool stories and pictures that captured my imagination. But, there was one photo in particular that stuck in my mind. (Honestly, I recall that it was from this book but it's been many years since I picked it up off of her coffee table.)

It was a picture of President Kennedy, in the Oval Office, surrounded by members of his administration. There were suits and ties and uniforms. It was evident that they were in the midst of serious discussions. In the foreground, sat John-John, Kennedy's toddler son, an obvious contrast to the dignified scene behind him. He was sitting on his dad's desk, oblivious to the breach of protocol he had created. And no one seemed to care...

I thought about that this morning. Funny how certain words or songs bring images to your mind. It was Romans 8 where Paul says that we have been given the right to call God "Abba, Father." The term is one that signifies deep intimacy and familiarity. This suggestion was a complete breach of protocol for a people who feared to even write the name of God. But what it said to all those who read Paul's words was have been invited to draw near to God. He desires closeness with you. Think about it. John-John never hesitated a moment when he swung open the doors to the Oval Office. There was no fear or shame because he knew the man on the other side of the door had given him an open invitation to come. He was, after all, his daddy.

That invitation is there for each of us. God, our Daddy, invites us into this fantastic relationship where we have full access to Him--any time, any place, without fear. We have been moved from servant to son, from distant follower to walking closely with our God. I hope you are taking the opportunity to enjoy full access to the Creator today.

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roland said...


My mom had the same book and I also loved to look through it...I remember the picture you described here.