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Monday, August 07, 2006

"You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book." Psalm 56:8 NLT.
More times than I can remember over the last two years, these words and others just like them have brought me great comfort. How amazing it is that the God of the universe feels the loneliness that has invaded my heart from time to time over these last months. I could not have done it alone--friends, family, church and God (not necessarily in that order). I have learned that going through a tragedy of these proportions necessitates a transparency beyond the norm. It is no time to hide behind walls or to keep people at arm's length. Welcome the love, the embrace, the encouragement, the support--no time for pride. securely in the thought of knowing that every tear, whether it be from anger or sadness--is welcomed and counted by God.

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Leigh said...

A friend copied this to me this afternoon, and I have thought about it all evening. As a single parent, I feel those lonely moments sneaking up on me often. Then, the tears are never far behind. How encouraging this entry is to me.