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Monday, August 14, 2006

The reality is that we all worship something. Finding out what that is can tell us a lot about where our time and energy and resourcs will be spent in this life. If success is the focus of our lives, we will spend all we have in order to attain it. If we seek fame, we will muster all of our talent and resources to reach a level of notoriety. If family is the most important thing, we will sacrifice other events and goals in order to keep our commitment to that very thing. And...if we say that God is our priority, it will be revealed by how we embrace this world and what we bring into our lives. The comings and goings of life will be touched in every way possible by the things we most love.
I find it interesting that the root word for our word "priority" was always a singular word. There never was such a thing as more than one priority. In other words, it was either your priority or it wasn't. Today we list numerous priorities in our lives but we can only worship one--only one thing or person or goal can occupy the top spot in our lives. I think its fascinating to watch as people try to convince themselves (and everyone around them) that this thing or that is a priority for them. All the while, even the most casual observer can see that they are only fooling themselves. They may say they love "A" but it is obvious that "B" or "C" is the center of their lives. How much easier it is to find and know what you worship. To not chase the wind or follow after things that really do not matter in the grand scheme of things. How many wasted hours could we save or fruitless dollars that would not be spent if we would live what our hearts reveal to be true about us? That is true integrity--when what we say is most important really serves as the very center of our being. Till next time...


Mitz said...

Rid - Thanks for this. It is awesome and as always - helpful.

Lisa said...

Yes, I read your blog today. Feel better? Great thoughts and thanks for being honest. LB