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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last time I talked about some of the fears that have come into my life since the tragedy. I wanted to continue that thought by sharing another. I think everyone who goes through tragedy asks themselves at some point or another "Am I normal? Are all the things I'm thinking and feeling exactly what they should be?" I remember the first time I thought that--literally within days of the accident. I had already had several recommend counseling (which I agreed with and would recommend to anyone). The problem wasn't their recommendations. It was that there were so many so soon. It made me wonder if something were wrong with me--with my crying, my hurting, and my questioning. I remember reading before the accident that personal grief is like a fingerprint--unique to every person. I thought I understood that when I read it the first time. Then, I came across that statement again just the other day. Man, what a difference time and circumstances make in your perspective. I have come to discover that it's not what you feel as much as the fact that you are given the freedom to feel it without regret. Surrounded by people who love you and care for you, feelings can be shaped into the form they need to take. They can become helpful, healing and constructive emotions. I come back to the importance of transparency and support. It's no wonder that my church (Ridgeview Community Church) has such a community orientation. We value so much the importance of "doing life together" and sharing the journey. There is no way that I could have made it through the last 2 years alone. I dare say that no one can recover from tragedy by themselves. It is the reason that God gave us relationships and made us all to be people who are wired for intimacy with others. I pray you have found your significant others--family, friends, believers and even skeptics--that can help shape you and rebuild you as you face life. Praying for all of you who read today. May you find peace that only He can give.

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bonnie said...

It is so awesome and amazing how the Lord places people and events in our lives, and in His time. On Oct 19, 1996, you performed our marraige ceremony in the chapel @ Forest Hills. Almost 10 years later, the Lord again brings blessings to us through you. I have thought of you so often, especially since learning of your family's tragic loss. After reading your blogs, I had to respond...this past year, David and I have been given very difficult circumstances - "brought to our knees", comes to mind. I say "given" because the Lord has covered every situation with mercy, grace and love and His purpose is evident. Although David faces his 4th surgery this Wed (9/6), I want to share that God has used this to draw us back to Him, to wrap His mighty love around us...isn't it incredible how He never lets us go, even when we move so far away from Him? We are looking forward to coming to RCC and seeing you again very soon. I praise God for the servant's heart He has given you. You are ever in my prayers. Bonnie Thompson