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Friday, September 15, 2006

It's been great reading the comments that have come from doing this blog (all 3 of the readers, thanks Mom!). Seriously, I am very encouraged that people have taken the time to read and have drawn encouragement from some of the ramblings I have chosen to put on this page. I've even had a couple of opportunities to refer some people to this page who have gone through similar problems. I want this to be a ministry (maybe it's more accurate to say a part of my ministry). I know it will be a ministry to my spirit to write down things as they are on my heart--and it won't always be about my life or the accident we had. But I want to minister to those of you who take the time to read and think about what's being said. I want to talk about what matters to us and to our families, the things that really cause us to stop and think about life. However, I also know that this cannot replace the value of human touch. Studies show that 8 to 10 meaningful touches a day or necessary for a meaningful life and for a sense of fulfillment. Whether it's a hug or a warm handshake, holding hands with your spouse or wrestling with a child, touch means so much to us that we cannot underestimate its importance during the trials of life. I pray that you have those significant moments during the hard times when someone can sit and hold your hand or wrap you in their arms. Don't devalue those times and don't short change their importance. I'm off to get my 20 meaningful touches today (hey, I'm a big man--I need more than most). Hope you find yourself in the embrace of a friend or loved one today.

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