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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


There are two kinds of fear. There is fear that paralyzes us, that causes us to freeze or to flee and to never accomplish all that God has purposed for us. Then there is a fear that humbles us, that puts our lives in proper perspective. I was reminded of these this morning by a friend's e-mail. There is a scene in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe where Lucy and Mr. Beaver are having a conversation about the powerful King Aslan. Lucy asks, "Is he quite safe?" Mr. Beaver responds, "Safe? Safe? Who said anything about being safe? Of course he's not safe. But he is good." Isn't that amazing? God is not safe. Following God is not safe. Rather, following after the mystery of Christ is placing ourselves recklessly in the hands of an incredible God we cannot see or touch. He is not safe, but he is very good. This world with all of its pain and sin and death and broken relationships and car wrecks and stuff is a world full of fears...and nothing else. But the world we live for--that amazing Kingdom of Heaven we read so much about--is a place where fear melts away under the overarching theme of the universe: NO! God is not safe but He is very, very good. Whatever your fear today--the dreaded conversation, the inevitable phone call, the relationship that seems at its end--face that fear with this mantra in your heart: "In the presence of a very good God who loves me and wants the best for me, there is no fear. Whatever may come, I will trust in Him."

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and cannot find the words, as you so eloquently can, to let you know how much I appreciate your writings. I plan to go back and read again several of them as the words God gave you have really made a connection with me. I especially like the last sentence in this Fear posting. Excuse my ignorance, but where is that from? Although I don't know how you will answer unless in another blog, which I will look forward to reading. Michelle