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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Surrounded. That word evokes a lot of different images for people. My first thought when I hear the word is the old Westerns I used to watch with my dad growing up. Images of the good guys surrounded by those who would wish to take their life and to destroy it. In those movies, the good guys would take hits and injuries but would always seem to prevail. The Cavalry would arrive or some hero would show up in the nick of time. There's another image that comes from that word surrounded. It's the image of a cold Winter day when it's frigid outside and I'm wrapped up in a throw blanket on the couch. Or, maybe spending a few extra minutes in the bed up to my eyes with sheets and comforters. It's a great feeling--that warmth and closeness and satisfaction. That's the feeling I had this morning. I just got back yesterday from a weekend long family reunion. Talk about being surrounded--our clan numbers almost 100 when we get together for these annual events. I am surrounded by aunts and uncles, cousins and their spouses, and more loved ones than I could even remember at this point. And I am surrounded--not just by family but by this overwhelming reminder that God is good. There are many things that can strengthen my faith. One of those is sharing time with family. It reminds me that God created us to have relationships; that, out of all the relationships he gave, family should be the best. He reminds me that, when it's done right, marriage is the most precious of those family relationships. And...He reminds me that He wants to be my Father. Why? Who really knows what makes a Holy God desire to be the parent to a person like me? The answer, I like to think, is that He wants to surround me. In that, there is warmth, there is closeness and there is satisfaction.

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