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Friday, January 16, 2009

"I have a dream"

"I have a dream." Of all the words uttered by Dr. Martin Luther King, none have touched the hearts of the world more than these. Dreams can drive us, change us, make us over. Maybe that's why Proverbs tells us that "people without a vision (the Hebrew word literally means a dream or revelation) will perish."

That's why we are spending the next six weeks at Ridgeview talking about purpose and vision for our lives. Nothing good that comes in life will come without some purpose, some direction. Billy Sunday, the famous American evangelist once said, "More men fail from lack of purpose than from lack of talent."

So, where are you going? What drives? What burns in you so deeply that only seeing it come to fulfillment could satisfy you? These are your values; this is your mission. When you find that, life takes on a whole new meaning and you can rest assured that your life will count for something major.

Thanks for your prayers as we buried my first wife's father this past week. It was a sweet celebration of an incredible life lived well. Your prayers were definitely felt as I spoke on Wednesday.

If you're in town this week, drop by Ridgeview as we begin our journey to be a people of purpose. It's going to be good!!

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Tonda said...

I love you so much! This is awesome and a much needed message to all of us.