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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A prayer for Mr. Obama

Father, it is a new day in America and, yet, many things remain the same. The "arrival" of our new President in the Oval Office has not changed the frustrations of a sour economy, the desperation of millions who are out of work, or the fears of terrorists who are still unnumbered. His swearing in has not lessened the vitriol that fills the halls of leadership nor the divisions that plague our nation. But with his inauguration there is a new hope, a new vision and a new anticipation of what is to come.

So, Father, as Barack Hussein Obama ascends to the position of the "most powerful leader" in the world, will you do for us what no mere mortal can do? Would you give to President Obama the wisdom to lead, the strength to endure, the patience to wait on you and the humility to understand that he is, indeed, nothing more than one man? Would you somehow use the events of the coming administration to bring this President and, more importantly, this nation to a deeper understanding of your Omnipotence? Will you show us that our free will cannot circumvent your ultimate plan and that our best intentions for humanity can only be expressed through Jesus Christ?

Grant to our President the balance it takes to be "the man": between wisdom and self-awareness, between work and family, between confidence and humility, between leadership and submission. Surround he and his family with protection (the kind that goes far beyond a Secret Service entourage). Sustain him completely--mind, body, heart and soul--so that he may fulfill the demands of the position You have elevated him too.

Speaking of which, remind us of our obligation as followers. No, I did not vote for President Obama but he is our leader, a leader that Scripture plainly says would not be in power had You not given him that authority. And that same Scripture says that I should be faithful to submit to his leadership, to pray for his service and to love who he is. On those times (I am sure that there will be many) when we do not see eye-to-eye on how this country should be led, will you place a guard over my tongue? Will you help me to understand the choices, to gain a true perspective of all that must be considered and to do all I can to support what our country is doing? However, Lord, never, ever let my heart enter into compromise. Keep our country from the same compromises that will distance us from your Divine protection and direction. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our pleas. Now, heal our nation, forgive our sins and our arrogance. Forgive our downright stupidity when we believe that we can do this, any of this, without Your provision.

God bless, America (I really mean that. It's not just a saying) And God bless our President.

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