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Friday, January 09, 2009

Two important things happened on this day in 1995.

Two important things happened on this day in 1995--one significantly more important than the other. First, Valeri Poliakov completed his 366th day in space. It was the longest that any human being has ever endured the conditions of outer space. Poliakov was pushing us into new frontiers that we had only imagined. Honestly, I didn't really notice and I didn't really care. You see...

...earlier that same day (very early I might add) I was being pushed into new frontiers of my own. The day before (a Sunday afternoon) I had been awakened by the voice of my wife from the other room. "It's time, Ridley." Several hours, one AFC playoff game and an episode of "Lois and Clark" later and Harrison was here. (Officially it's Ridley Harrison Barron IV but he's been called Harry, Hairy Bear, and Quad--mostly just Harrison) My new frontier had been entered. I was beginning one of the most exciting adventures any man or woman could face.

What a road it has been? Fourteen years of fun, frustration, laughter, lectures, and joy and we're still journeying. My little boy isn't little any more. He's growing into a young man. He's turned his attention from cartoons and action figures to sports and, shall we say, figures of another kind.

I can't wait to see what God is going to do with him next. I have prayed from the day that Sarah told me we were expecting that my little boy would somehow change the world. He's already done that for me. I pray that he will do it for others.

Here's to you on your special day little buddy (the name I've always given him). I love you.

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Diana said...

my favorite line is "My little boy isn't little any more."

How quickly these moments fly away.
I hope you had a beautiful day of reflection as you looked at Harrison and maybe were able to see so much of both you and Sarah in the things he says and does.