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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bible says that a cheerful heart is good medicine.

The Bible says that a cheerful heart is good medicine. After last night's Presidential address, I feel like I need a good dose. All we have heard from this President--and the several who preceded him--was that there would be change and things would be different. How is robbing trillions of dollars from the following generations to pay for our bad behavior a change from anything? What is different about turning your head while new legislation is considered that contains 9000 (that's right, 9000) pet projects or "earmarks"? If you and I practiced the spending habits of our government, we would have been locked away years ago for failure to pay our bills and to lower our debt. Why do we sit silently by and watch this same junk go down in Washington, D. C. year after year? This isn't a Republican bashing a Democrat (I have learned that I am neither. Can't support people that I no longer believe in.) This is a concerned conservative saying we'd be better off with new leadership from top to bottom.

So, I needed a laugh. Something to give me a better start to my morning. I was greeted with this little tidbit of news...the latest sign that the apocalypse is fast approaching. In Vassalboro, Maine (which is about 10 miles from the end of the earth) this past Monday, a new topless coffee shop opened (and we are not talking about topless coffee pots). The waitresses and, yes, even the lone waiter serve their java sans a shirt of any kind. Several comments that come to mind after reading this:
1. Is there really a demand for such a thing? Out of the 3500 people who live in the whole state of Maine or there that many who jump out of bed and think "where's my nude waitress with my cup of joe?"
2. This is Maine. The average temperature there can't get too high. Can you imagine the money this guy's having to pay to heat his place so the workers aren't constantly battling pneumonia?
3. Where do they stick their name tags?
4. This adds a whole new meaning to "cup size?" I couldn't resist.

Keep your head up friends. The economy will do whatever the economy decides to do. And people will still pull stupid stunts to sell their coffee. But God's still who He has always been and who He will always be. That's better than any man-made bailout. Maybe that can be your stimulus this morning.

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Sara Beth said...

Thank you, I you just made me and my two lunch mates laugh.... I still have to ask WHY and who would think to open a place like that?