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Thursday, February 26, 2009

God has been there.

God has been there. He has. And I had a really strong impression that I needed to say that to someone reading the blog this morning. I was reminded of that important fact with a devotion I read this morning and a song I heard on the drive in. The Bible assures us of that fact--God has stood in our place through the presence of His Son, Jesus.

As Abraham raised the knife to offer his only son as a sacrifice, God felt his pain as He thought ahead to the day when His son would become our sacrifice. As David stood in the valley before Goliath and faced overwhelming odds to set the people of Israel free from this over-sized tyrant, God understood the fear of facing a foe of gigantic proportions. As Paul sat in prison for preaching a gospel message unwelcome by authorities, God felt the deep pains of his loneliness.

So, for the young couple who is facing the pain of losing a child today...God has been there. For the young adult facing the challenge of a career change in the middle of your life... God has been there. For the family facing a mountain of debt that seems insurmountable...God has been there. For the young person feeling the sting of loneliness because they have chosen to stand alone in the face of compromise...God has been there.

This means we have permission to pray to a God who has known our deepest pain, who has walked through our darkest moments, and has come through to show us how to withstand these desperate times.

This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. Hebrews 4:15-16 NLT

Take your needs to Him today and trust that He not only hears but that He cares very deeply you. After all, He's been there.

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soonerfan said...

Powerful reassurance of God's faithfulness...and for the reminder that God has indeed been there...and He IS here every pain, in every tear, in every fear, and every loss. That is what makes seasons of difficulty, bearable...I have sent this post along with many of the other blogs you've posted to my brother and his wife. Thank you for your prayers for them and our families during what I know you understand is the most difficult time. May God continue to bring blessings like you into their (and our) life. I am so filled with joy for your family now & for the future that is ahead. May His most abundant blessings be yours and your family's in every moment.

In His Grip,
Kristi Cole