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Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm feeling pretty good about now.

I'm feeling pretty good about now. I guess there are a lot of reasons I could feel that way. I'm a very blessed man. I have a beautiful Godly woman for a wife. I have four great children who test me from time-to-time but are wonderful additions to my life. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, great friends, good health and I work for some of the most wonderful people I know as the pastor of Ridgeview. Yeah, I've got a lot of reasons to thank God for what He's given to me.

The reason for my joy today? I remembered my geometry.

Here's how it happened. My kids are home from school today with it being President's Day. I'm home because I had several repair appointments scheduled. So, while I'm working, I've got Harrison catching up on some make up work from being sick last week and preparing for a test tomorrow. After hearing him sigh for about the twentieth time, I finally asked, "Can I help you do something?"

"No, dad, you can't. It's geometry. You can't help because you don't understand it." OOOHHH!

Don't ever tell Ridley he can't. I may not be able to but I'm at least going to give it a shot (unless it involves something like fire juggling or bungee jumping or some other insanely crazy stunt). The good news? I remembered...I remembered how to find the circumference of a circle, the area of a triangle and the theorem given to us by Pythagorus (though I'm not sure how you spell the guy's name).

Okay. Laugh at me if you want but, at my age, I have learned to appreciate even the smallest of victories. Today Geometry, tomorrow early American History. It's gonna be a good week.


Scott said...

You saved me in High school

slug said...

Funny how we relive the 5th and 7th grade math stuff over again. I just relearned (for the second time) mixed fractions. Luckily, Marcie handles the Language Arts.

Diana said...

There are days like that where you have that feeling yes!!! I am smarter than a 5th grader, then there are the days we're not.

I know something Ridley "can't" do...sushi. LOL