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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God's got it.

God's got it. I know those are simple words but it's critical (for me) that I remember them. As I was talking through my schedule yesterday, my head started spinning. I'm a pastor, filling in as a student minister, preparing to teach a college course, coaching an All-star team, looking for a new student minister, while trying to be a good son, husband and father. In between, there's me...the other parts.

So, this morning I needed the reminder that worry does me no good. (Matthew 6:33-34). More importantly, I needed to be reminded that God desires for me to give Him my concerns and let Him work out the details (1 Peter 5:7).

The funny thing is, I've seen Him do it so many times before. He's cancelled appointments, rearranged schedules and even caused it to rain so I could make my schedule work. He's headed off trouble for me. He's provided financially where I saw no promise of income. He's given me directions when it would have been far easier to let my hard-headed nature take me down a different path.

So, here I am again today reminding myself--full calendar and all--He's got it. He will work it out for His good and His glory as long as I am trusting Him with it...all of it.

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Anonymous said...


This entry was so timely for me today.

I am believing in God to work in a situation right now.

Debra Gourley