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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I had an interesting thought this morning.

I had an interesting thought this morning. (Some might find that shocking or comical but I do have these every now and then). Looking through my devotionals, I was recalling some of the miracles Jesus performed. Specifically, I was reading about the raising of Jairus' daughter from the dead in Mark 5 but this applies to most of the miracles that involve healing. Follow me here...

Maybe this thought comes from watching too many TV shows or movies but I think it makes sense. When encountered with physical problems in the Scripture, you never catch Jesus asking the usual "medical questions": what are their vital signs? what caused this injury? are there any other symptoms? do you have insurance? (okay, the last one wouldn't apply to 1st century Jerusalem but you get my point.) He doesn't go through any of the normal procedures for restoring health. Why? The answer seems painfully obvious--He's God, not just another physician--but I wonder if we really understand the underlying premise.

Here it is...God does not work in ways we expect under the limitations we know or with the concerns that we have. This applies to every problem we face, not just the physical. When you pray to God to help you sell your house, He doesn't ask what is the price per square foot or the comps in the area. When you ask God to find you a new job, He doesn't check the unemployment rate or the present status of the economy. When you ask God for healing from addiction, He doesn't ask you if you are in a support group or if you've "quit" before. All those questions are us, not to Him. He doesn't work in the parameters we do. He's not limited by the information we have. He's bigger than all of that.

Here's the kicker, the only thing that limits God is our faith and the only thing that limits our faith is our fear. Fear wars against our faith. It questions God's goodness and His power. But, when fear is conquered, faith abounds and where faith abounds, God's desired outcome is always achieved.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is a timely reminder of how God provides for His children! Not always in the way we might think...but He always takes care of His own!

Robert Roberson III said...

Roberto 3rd-Douglas Ga