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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have a mole.

I have a mole. Not the kind that grows on your skin...the kind that tears up your yard. I'm not positive about this but I'm seeing the tell-tale signs that this little critter is ravaging the soil around my house. Sources tell me that a mole can dig over 300 feet of tunnel in one night. Incredible!! So, while I was sleeping last night, my little terrestial enemy was digging three football fields of underground lines. All of this while I was supposed to be having sweet dreams.

So, I'm going to spend some time this evening researching how to combat the little sucker and see if we can't eliminate this problem. Just another part of living in a more rural area. If you share their turf, don't be surprised when you cross paths, right? I guess the hardest part of fighting a mole is knowing where he is and whether or not it's really a mole at all (I'm told that groundhogs and other animals make similar tunnels). What's a homeowner to do?

Sounds a lot like another enemy I have though. He's deceptive, always working when I am not paying attention. He's hard to identify at times and I'm not always sure the most effective way to battle him. I know he's there, though. We share the same turf and he's left the tell-tale signs all over my life. Here's the good news though. When battling Satan, I don't have to search the Internet or ask my "sources" what to do. God has given me all the information I need for identifying Satan's tactics, battling his attacks and moving forward with God's plan. And, if I'm serious about resisting his schemes, God's word must be part of my plan. Yours too.

If only finding a battle plan for the mole were so easy....

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still gardening... said...

I'm thinking it's a really good weekend to rent Caddyshack! :)