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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The story at the end of Numbers 13 is one of my favorites.

The story at the end of Numbers 13 is one of my favorites. You may remember it. Moses has the people ready to take the promised land. He sends out 12 spies who check out this land across the Jordan River. When they return, ten of them give a very negative report. Every where they turn they are overwhelmed by the size of the people and the enormity of their cities. Yes, they saw great promise and abundance in the land but they don't see how in the world they can take it. But the other two spies gave a different report. The other two spies inspire me, especially Caleb.

Caleb stands in front of the Hebrew people and says, "We should go do what we came to do." He had seen the same things, set his eyes on the same giants, but his perspective was entirely different. Why? Because instead of powerful people, Caleb remembered a sea split in half by the power of His God. Instead of walled cities that would be obstacles, Caleb remembered how God's power had removed the biggest obstacle to their freedom--Pharaoh. He had seen manna fall from the sky, water come from a rock and fire lead them through the desert. Why in the world would he be afraid of a few pesky tribes of giants?

Our churches need some very bold, very courageous, very outspoken Calebs right now. Things look grim on the surface. A government that increasingly opposes Christianity. A culture that continues its slide into moral relativity. An economy whose weakness has struck at the heart of every one of our families.

What we need more than ever is bold women and men who have experienced the greatness of God first hand to become very vocal leaders in our churches. We need them to rise up in support of their pastors and quicken the hearts of the other believers. We need people who believe in the power of a God who is more than just capable--He is willing to pour out His power on us again. We just need a few good Calebs.

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