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Friday, May 07, 2010

This may not be a popular thought...

...but it's been expressed to me more than a dozen times this past week by senior adults, former politicians, a couple of friends and at least two strangers who were helping with clean up. I've thought it myself this week as I listened to the rising chorus of voices who were upset that the national media had basically ignored Nashville in the midst of it's worst disaster since the Civil War.

Here it goes. We don't need a federal government to bail us out, we just need each other. Now, before anyone screams, the money from FEMA will be a welcome assistance to families who experienced severe damage and loss. There is no doubt about it. But I will tell you (and I don't mind saying it) that, though my family has given financially and physically to help with clean up, the assistance we offered would have been exponentially more had I not had to pay taxes for a big government that doesn't know how to use the money I give them. (Feel free to ask me for examples of waste, I could spend several blogs talking about such things beginning with Health Care Reform...or Deform...I forget)

All we really need, as has been exhibited in Nashville this week, is each other. Before FEMA could start its paperwork or CNN could show up three days late or politicians could begin their posturing before the cameras, Nashville was rebuilding. Note that please...we weren't whining, weren't complaining, weren't looting or murdering or blaming others for what had happened. We were rebuilding. We were cleaning. We were serving each other. The bottom line, we were proving how strong the human spirit really is when it is exercised in loving others. Not standing in a line waiting for someone else to do what I am fully capable of doing myself.

I know. It's a controversial thought. I'll probably get railed on by many "anonymous commenters" telling me that I'm wrong or crazy. But I don't have to say much more as proof...I simply offer story after story of friends loving friends, strangers helping strangers and hours of video evidence that Nashville will still be Nashville when this is all done. She will only be stronger because of the hearts of its very fine people. Please continue to pray for the people of Nashville. And enjoy just one example of what we have experienced this week....