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Monday, May 24, 2010

Reflections on Sunday

Communion is always such a sweet time at RCC. Yesterday was no exception as I watched families, friends and individuals gather at the table for the time of remembrance. It is truly an incredible thought to contemplate Jesus and his sacrifice on our behalf. Thanks for worshipping through this event every time it comes around. Here are a few other thoughts:
  • We wrap up our family series this weekend. Every time we do a series on the family it is filled with poignant reminders of who I am as a dad and as a husband. I pray that you have found some great "takeaways" for you in your roles as part of your families.
  • In just a few weeks, we'll be starting our next series (June 13) on spiritual warfare. You better believe that talking about the "enemy" gets Satan really fired up. So, I'd appreciate your prayers for our staff and especially our families as we move towards that first Sunday.
  • I hear a lot of talk from people about "good worship" or "bad worship." My fear is that many time the measure of worship "quality" is based on number of hands raised or "amens" uttered or tears cried. More activity does not equate to greater spirituality. Too many Christians equate activity with intimacy. As one of my peers just wrote to his people, just because your hands are raised does not mean your heart is surrendered.
  • Baptism is one of the sweetest pictures of what is going on in the Christ followers life. We saw it again yesterday with the baptism of Sully Barret. We've got four more baptisms coming this week! If that doesn't get you excited about what God is doing at RCC, you're missing the point of our mission!
  • If you've got questions or are thinking about being baptized, contact one of our staff and talk with them about what this act is all about. We'd love to have the honor of talking with you and walking through this process with you.
We'll see you Sunday as we wrap up the family series. It's gonna be great!!

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