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Monday, May 03, 2010

And the rains ceased...

...finally. I don't think I've ever lived through a rainier 48 hours in my life. Based on what I've heard, this area of Thompson's Station (where we live) got over 13" of rain during that period. The funny thing is this, I've never seen a brighter, sunnier day than I have today.

Those dark days enable you to appreciate the sun and warmth so much better. I'm not talking about storms or flooding any more. I'm talking about life. I'm talking about having everything put into perspective. I'm talking about the realities we all face and how we can blow them out of proportion. Everyone has a story to tell (believe me, standing in the Chic-fil-a an hour ago I was laughing at the SUV mom's telling their "stories" from the weekend.). Everyone has dark days and storms. We begin to realize that a few inches of rain (or five leaks in your roof) are nothing compared to homes destroyed or, greater still, the loss of a loved one. Darkness, you see, can be relative. We simply hang on knowing that the sun will come and, when it does, we'll be much more thankful for its presence.

Thanks for all the prayers for Middle TN as we recover from the rains. Clean up has begun and will hit full force tomorrow and the days after as the rains subside and we are able to move in and assess the damages. To my fellow Ridgies, thank you for having a heart to serve and to love this community. Please continue to call the office if you are available to serve. We will do our best to keep you abreast of the needs as they are made known to us.

Put your arks away for another day. The sun is back...and, oh, how sweet it is to see it.

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