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Monday, September 27, 2010

My life

Man, what a finish to our week last week! I had the privilege of speaking at a Safety Summit here in Nashville on Wednesday. I literally ran into the banquet room as the video of Josh's story was playing. I rushed onto the stage, sat down in the chair and began to pray, "God, calm my nerves and help me do what I came to do...bring You glory." We had an awesome time with the people there afterwards. They were a great group and had lots of encouraging feedback. I even had the privilege of speaking with some of my "long time" friends who have followed our blog here for months. I also talked with one young lady who was part of the investigative team at the hospital after Josh's death. An enlightening conversation to say the least.

We rushed out of the hotel there, dropped by the house to pick up suitcases and hit the road for Cleveland, Georgia and Truett-McConnell College. My good friend, Danny Moosbrugger, is a VP down there. I was a part of their chapel services on Tuesday. It's a small, Baptist college there and a well-hidden gem. Great things happening there and I loved getting to hang out with the college kids, even if just briefly.

I also got to hang out with another very dear friend, Mike. He drove over for the chapel service and hung around for lunch. It's always a blessing to be reminded of these special friends--the kind that miles and years just never diminish. We talked with Mike for a while and spent some time praying about some cool things that God is doing in his life. Then, Lisa and I were back in the van headed to our first family weekend at Samford. Got into Birmingham late Thursday night and got to spend two full days checking on Morgan. Late Saturday came too soon as we piled back into the van with the other three kids and began our trek home.

I can't tell you how good home feels though. Being back with my family at RCC for worship. Getting to share God's word with this incredible group of people. Seeing what God is doing as our fellowship continues to grow and He weekly brings new faces to join us. I am thankful for all of these. They are part of the great joy of getting to be a pastor. Nothing surpasses that feeling of home and family. Speaking of family, have I told you how blessed I am to have the incredible wife and kids that I have? Can't beat my life--no way, no how.


vmclark said...

Thank you so much Pastor Ridley for sharing. You are a wonderful inspiration to what our life can be like if we put it in God's hands!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ridley! Sorry we missed you there. We're about 45-50" from Cleveland in Cumming, just west of Gainesville. Let us know if you get back this way!! Kevin Trapnell